Yukimi Daihuku (Japanese mochi ice cream)

10 Serves

90 g Shiratamako
180 ml water
50 g caster sugar
80 g Katakuriko(potato starch) or corn starch
300 g Ice cream of your choice

Scoop ice cream about 30g each with an ice cream/cookie dough scooper into an aluminium foil-layered small muffin tin and keep them in the freezer until its ready to wrap with mochi

Making mochi sheets
Place Shiratamako, sugar, and water into a microwave safe bowl and stir them thoroughly.
Loosely wrap the bowl with cling wrap and microwave the mixture on 600w for 2 minutes.
Take out the bowl and stir the mixture with a spatula and place the cling wrap again and microwave on the same setting for 1 and half minutes.
Transfer the cooked mochi to a prepared work surface generously dusted with Katakuriko (potato starch).
Dust more Katakuriko (potato starch) over the mochi in order to prevent the mochi sticking to your fingers and the rolling pin. Press the mochi down to spread the mochi and roll thinly with a rolling pin.
Cut out the mochi into round shapes using a round cookie cutter about 9cm(3.54inch) in diameter. It should make about 10 round mochi sheets.
Place some cling wrap on a kitchen bench or a work surface and place a round mochi sheet then lay another layer of cling wrap on top and another mochi sheet. Repeat the process for all mochi sheets.
Refrigerate the mochi sheets to allow it to cool down completely for at least 30 minutes.

Wrapping ice cream with mochi sheets
Take the mochi sheets out of the fridge. Place one mochi sheet with a cling wrap underneath on a kitchen bench or a work surface.
Dust the excess katakuriko (potato starch) off the mochi sheet with a pastry brush.
Place one ice cream scoop on top of the mochi sheet. Lift up the mochi sheet to bring to the top and pinch them all together to seal the mochi sheet. Wrap whole mochi ice cream with the cling wrap and twist them at the top and put it back in the freezer. Repeat the same process for the remaining.
Let the ice cream freeze again for a few hours.
Leave the Japanese mochi ice cream for a few minutes at room temperature before eating in order to let the mochi sheets soften.

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