Servings: 2 Ingredients4 mochi rice cakes1 can azuki sweet red beans InstructionsStart by adding the azuki and 1 cup for

Cream cornets

Servings: 10 Ingredients200 g Cake Mix for Crème Patisserie500 g banquet flower6 g instant yeastA little bit of Icing Sugar9

Wakame Soup

Servings: 4 Ingredients1/2 tbsp neutral oil4 scallions separate whites from green parts, thinly sliced6 cups water1/2 tbsp soy sauce1 1/2


Servings: 1 Ingredients2 scoops vanilla ice cream high quality1 shot espresso1 tbsp nut or coffee liqueur (optional)dark chocolate, for grating

Warabi Mochi

Servings: 2 Ingredients¼ cup brown sugar⅓ cup warabi starch, such as hon warabiko or warabi mochiko (or substitute tapioca starch,