Club sandwich

Serving: 1 Ingredients1 tbs whole-egg mayonnaise1 tbs Dijon mustard3 slices good-quality sourdough, toasted60g cooked chicken or turkey breastHandful of rocket

Mame Gohan

Servings: 3 Ingredients1 1/3 cup Green Peas with podsa pinch Salt2 cups Water1 2/3 cups uncooked rice1 tsp salt1 tbsp


Servings: 2 Ingredients250-300g beef shabu-shabu slices300g Chinese cabbage (about 4 large leaves)2 shallots (scallions)4 shiitake mushrooms (medium size), stems removed100g


Servings: 6 Ingredients3 eggs, yolks and whites separated1/2 cup (110g) caster sugar (superfine sugar)1/2 tsp vanilla extract250g mascarpone 1 1/4

Hiyayakko (Cold Tofu)

Servings: 2 Ingredients2 green onionsginger root, about 2″Tofu (400g)Dried bonito flakes (optional)soy sauce InstructionsSlice green onions very thinly. Grate ginger.Wash