Bacon and Potato Pie

Servings: 3 Ingredients1 Puff Pastry Sheet3 Garlic Clove90g British Smoked Bacon Lardons15g Chicken Stock Paste18g Red Wine Vinegar700g Potatoes60g Mature

Kinpira Gobo

4 Serves Ingredients2 gobo (burdock root), sasagaki cut1 large carrot, thinly cut1 TBSP roasted sesame oil2.5 TBSP (30ml) Soy Sauce1

Avocado Tuna Natto

Serving: 2 Ingredients100g Tuna sashimi1 pack Natto1/2 piece avocado2 sheets perilla leaves2 tablespoons Mentsuyu (2x concentrated)1 tablespoon Sesame oil1 Egg


Servings: 4 Ingredients1 pack MAYA Original ‘Fluffy and Tasty’ Hotcake Mix 200g2 pieces egg yolks1/4 cup water2 tablespoons vegetable oil6

Potato Salad

Servings: 4 Ingredients1 1/2 pounds russet potatoes, about 2 to 3 large potatoes, peeled and quarteredKosher salt2 Persian cucumbers (4.4


Servings: 4 Ingredients500 gm ground chuck 80%-85% leanSea salt to tastefreshly ground black pepper to taste4 slices American or Cheddar

Loco Moco

Servings: 2 Ingredients mushroom gravy4 tablespoons unsalted butter divided2 garlic cloves minced4 ounces of shiitake mushroom stems removed and thinly


Servings: 2 Ingredients150g sliced beef (may substitute pork or chicken)3 small potatoes1/2 carrot1/2 onion1 pack shirataki noodles (100g) (*may substitute