Saba no Misoni (Miso Stewed Mackerel)

3 Serves

1 mackrel (or two fillets, about 1 lb)
1 green onion (2oz) chopped 2.5″
4 oz ginger (thin sliced)

3 tbsp miso paste
3 tbsp soy sauce
3 tbsp mirin
1/2 cup sake
3 tbsp sugar

Fillet the mackrel and remove the bones (if necessary), then slice each fillet into thirds and use a knife to cut an X mark into the flesh. Pour hot water on the mackrel to remove any strong odor.
Add all spices (miso paste, sake, soy sauce, mirin, sugar), 1/3 cup of water, ginger and green onion. Mix, and raise to a boil.
After mixture boils, add mackrel and cook for 15 min on medium-low heat.

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