Servings: 1

2 scoops vanilla ice cream high quality
1 shot espresso
1 tbsp nut or coffee liqueur (optional)
dark chocolate, for grating on top

Brew an espresso (one per person). Scoop 1-2 scoops of vanilla ice cream into a wide glass or bowl and pour over a shot of espresso.
Pour 1 tbsp of nocino nut liqueur or your liqueur of choice over the ice cream and grate over a little dark chocolate.

Coffee – Use espresso coffee (100% arabica is best) or 3-4 tbsp of strong brewed coffee. To make the coffee use an Italian Moka pot or coffee machine.Liqueur (optional) – I love to add a splash of liqueur such as Nocino or Frangelico(nut liqueur), a coffee-based liqueur or Cointreau.

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